September 13 2018

Ghetto Meeting Room Display

After moving to new premises at Kungsholmen, our office grew with four new meeting rooms and a need to quickly get information if a room is booked arose. The Ghetto Meeting Room Display is easily mounted at the door of a meeting room and shows whether the room is booked and how long the current meeting is in progress.

For the hardware, we used Arduino with two LED matrices to display information about the meeting and a WiFi card for communication. We built a small API that was integrated with Google Calendar to send data about the rooms bookings which the hardware can access via WiFi.

A challenge with the project was to get a working flow with network communication and to send instructions on to what the matrices should display. All this on a platform that does not support parallel function calls. But after one week of prototyping we managed to get everything in place and came out with at an aesthetically simple but fully operational budget solution for our new meeting rooms.