Innovation Race for Cancer

Official Microsoft partner for HoloLens development / expertise

By applying a well known concept from the digital development world, a hackathon, in an unconventional setting, the organizers wanted to show the health care community just how much that can actually be achieved in very short time if only clinicians get together with experts in resarch and new technology to solve really challenging tasks. During 56 hours, chief physicians, nurses, biomedical researchers, industry leaders and tech experts from areas such as 3D-printing of human organs/tissue, 3D-modelling, design, app devevlopment etc, were crunching concepts and solutions on how to improve or revolutionize outcomes for cancer patients. The results were presented to the top management of Akademiska Sjukhuset Hospital in Uppsala, as well as politicians and decision makers in the county councils of Stockholm and Uppsala. The ambition is to realize the developed prototypes and concepts as full scaled projects during 2017.

Prototyp was invited by the co-host Microsoft as an official HoloLens expert partner. The event was also co-hosted by Bristol-Myers Squibb and AbbVie.

This is what we did

50% Unity

50% C#