Prototyping tool for iBeacons

Together with our friends at the kick-ass product and innovation agency Veryday we developed a tool to explore and explain the possibilities with iBeacons, small bluetooth transmitters who can communicate with nearby mobile phones.

The tool is used in customer workshops and is made up of six different user cases for the retail business, where iBeacons are communicating with an iPhone app, and lets business developers and other stakeholders explore location based client communication.

Since the tool is connected to the popular app mock-up service InVision it is possible to create prototypes swiftly during the customer workshops, and we’d say that’s how you really get business people to explore and create concepts relevant to their own business. Seeing is believing.

Prototype included?

Yes. The result is a prototype in itself, still remaining in beta. The project was carried out in short iterations and, in true agile spirit, the final solution was different from the original idea.

This is what we did

50% iOS

25% NodeJS

25% iBeacons