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Stockholm from an alien's point of view

Our developer Yoav's thoughts on changing Tel Aviv for Stockholm and freelancing for a full time position.

Monday 24 June

Yoav and his wife were impressed by how serene Stockholm is, while still being lively, and from the wealth of opportunities it has. That's what made them make the move.

This is me

I'm Yoav, originally from a small town in northern Israel, I lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv most of my adult life. I've worked as a software developer since 2008, in different and varied fields and companies. Can't really say that I have an expertise per se, as I've done quite varied roles in my career, from embedded systems through full-stack development to games. In Prototyp I worked among other projects on Petra and other Furhat projects.

Best and worst about Stockholm

The things for which Stockholm is notorious for, such as difficulty of finding a place to live, the harsh winter and the remoteness of its residents turned out to be not as bad a portrayed. Compared to Tel Aviv, Stockholm is very easy to get around in, and can feel like you're living in the countryside while being actually at the heart of the city. Stockholm appears like it is expensive to visit, but cheaper to live here than we anticipated.

Why I choose Prototyp

Before moving to Stockholm I've worked as a freelance developer and part time at a startup after I was slightly burnt-out by my previous work experience. While interviewing with companies in Stockholm, Prototyp looked like my ideal workplace: different, engaging and usually short term projects using many different technologies and with different clients on the one hand, and a relaxed and welcoming work environment on the other hand. I was worried about being the only non-Swed in the office, but people have been going out of their way to make me feel welcome.