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We're a code lab building digital products for businesses breaking new ground.

Prototypes are our methodology, not our delivery. It's how we work to solve business challenges with new technology.

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Our small agile teams collaborate with large organizations, startups, and service design firms. So we can create value faster together.

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We call ourselves fearless generalists, and we continuously experiment with new technologies.It's our way of staying updated and challenging the status quo.

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Our projects succeed thanks to a close collaboration with our clients and partners. So we’ve asked them to answer a few of the questions you might be contemplating.

How can we build products that we've never built before?

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"Prototyp invests big in skills development and has a culture that fosters technical innovation. This means they can apply their expertise to all sorts of digital interfaces, both old and new like AI, voice and face."

- Johanna Celion, Customer Strategist & Delivery Manager, Antrop