Digital Product Development

There's an art and science to building great digital products that scale. Be it a Minimum Viable Product that's just a proof of concept or an app developed to scale globally at launch. We're constantly experimenting with new technologies and ways of working to ensure we remain fearless generalists, able to humbly collaborate with all types of partners and to carefully choose the right technology frameworks for the task at hand.

Minimum Viable Product

We help startups test product ideas and business ventures by applying our fine tuned approach to prototyping, and build Minimum Viable Products and MVPs. Our methodology also enables large corporations to quickly execute on innovation initiatives by avoiding internal IT bottlenecks. With experience from almost a decade of developing new digital products, our tech leads are frequently invited to speak at events and coach inhouse development teams on the advantages of MVP thinking and the means of applying it to an agile development.

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App development

Native vs Hybrid? Single code base or split? React native or flutter? There are so many ways to develop a progressive web app or mobile app. Our senior teams in Stockholm help startups, service design firms and large corporations make the right technology decisions to ensure an effective app development process. Our developers have experience in iOS, Android and cross platform frameworks like React and we’re always experimenting with the latest technologies.

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UI Development

User interface development has progressed beyond just a frontend developer translating a website or app design into HTML, CSS and Javascript. Today, an interface and interaction is so much more than just websites, keyboards and touch. Our teams develop complex interface algorithms and systems for interactions with Furhat robots, voice-driven applications and even heart-rate controlled games to name a few. These systems are at the forefront of frameworks that code for human behaviour and psychology.

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Technical Due Diligence

Our tech leads have created growth-driving digital products developed with hundreds of technology frameworks, and coached dozens of development teams into iterative prototyping workflows. Our technical due diligence begins with the scalability of the technology and architecture of the product. But our checklists and reports also review how the development teams operate and reveal how well the product’s tech leadership can scale as the product grows and matures.

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Proof of Concept

Validating new product and business concepts is critical to ensuring speed to market and an efficient use of your initial capital investments. But many startups find that hiring and building an internal team takes months and slows down their ability to understand where product-market fit lies. Similarly, the more established development teams find they are often already too snowed under with business as usual backlogs to find time to test new ideas. The happy middle-ground is hiring an external team, already well-versed in working together and building prototypes, to test your ideas and iterate until you’re ready to build or burn it.

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We are an agency that act. Our cases dsecribe in detail how we collaborate with out clients to build products that break new ground.

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