Digital Product Development

It’s an artform to design digital products made with careful consideration for scale and longevity, be it an MVP, proof of concept or a ready product. We break new ground together with our partners by constantly testing new technologies and allowing time for exploration and experimentation.

We help our partners test new product concepts and business ideas quickly and cost-effectively by building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). It’s an agile and iterative model where you develop a product with the least number of features required to meet customer needs and test the product, and where the insights from one iteration is used in the next. The MVP method allows you to minimize both costs, time and risk.

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App development is so much more than building apps for smartphones. Today, it is an umbrella term for apps for a variety of devices and technical frameworks; a field that is growing rapidly as consumer behaviors and technological development accelerate. At Prototyp, we are fearless code experts who master native, web and hybrid, and a large number of frameworks such as React Native, Xamarin and Flutter.

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User Interface development is about making digital services user-friendly and accessible to the users. It is a holistic process that requires interdisciplinary teams and well-established work processes to create wireframes, design sketches and prototypes. Our innovative team develops complex algorithms and interactions for web services, Furhat robots, voice-controlled applications and heart rate-controlled games to name a few projects.

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Proof of Concept (PoC) is a cost-efficient and powerful way to validate a product or business idea at an early stage, to ensure speed to market and minimize unnecessary development costs. Together with our partners, We create drawings, models, maps or anything else that is suitable for testing the feasibility of the concept. The Proof of Concept approach suits both startups and established companies with early ideas.

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Technical due diligence is the process of analyzing and evaluating the technology, product, people, architecture and processes in an organization. We offer technical due diligence as a service for companies who are considering multiple alternatives or just want to get some further assurance when purchasing a new technical product.

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With a wide range of skills and a strong love for code, we take on new projects with great curiosity, whether it is app development, a proof of concept robot or voice-controlled user interface development. Let us tell you more, don't hesitate to reach out.