Designed for change

The future is even more uncertain and unforeseeable when you’re building for totally new business opportunities. That’s why our way of working is built for precisely that. Change.

Small team, senior skills

We form small teams of code experts who are focused on keeping your new product developing swiftly. Every team is mentored and supported by the whole lab, giving you access to every skill in-house.

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Close collaboration

It's your product vision. And so you become a central part of our team. Working at close quarters means we solve problems faster, create crystal-clear transparency and stay on a path to create business value.

Our work 2

Prototypes, not presentations

Prototyping is our methodology. We demo code and launch early to iterate fast. Then we fine-tune to craft useful products that scale.

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Code and personal development

Twice a year we hold weeklong internal bootcamps: The Prototyp Week. It’s a time to practice going from hypothesis to proven product. It inspires the team with new and better ways to solve your challenges.

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See our method in action

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From selfie cat-boxes to commuting wake-up lights.

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