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Ireno - Peace in. Peace out.

The app that brings peace to your remodelling projects.

Friday 20 November


Jesper Zandin was a successful craftsman and serial entrepreneur when he decided to leave the industry to pursue a career in IT. Mainly due to all the issues and conflicts that he encountered through the years. Eventually, Jesper ended up combining his two careers by co-founding and building Ireno - an app that makes it easier for the client and the contractor to make changes until both parties are happy.

Prototyp’s role

For Prototyp, being part of building Ireno was a chance we couldn’t say no to. First, we love to be involved in projects from scratch. Second, we - and many with us - have experiences of and can all relate to the problem that Ireno is aiming to solve. As ”digital constructors”, we acknowledge and highly appreciate the difference that a fair and thorough agreement and an agile process makes.

Prototyp has many years of experience in developing digital products in general, and PoCs / fast time-to-market in particular. Among other things, we contribute with insights into the tech start-up journey in general, including 1) the challenge of changing behavior (getting customers to paying money before the job is done) and 2) balancing product development / sales / marketing efforts.

So, how does the Ireno app work, more in detail?

Ireno supports renovation/construction projects from start to finish, according to the flow chart below.

Ireno - Flow chart

In order for a project to be successful, the firm and the client/homeowner have to agree on the scope, details and full cost of the project. Ireno’s digital agreement, a digital manifestation of the construction contract ABS18, solves just that. And since the content is dynamic, the digital agreement can be filled in, edited and changed more easily than traditional agreements.

In addition, Ireno offers payments, legal protection, impartial reviewing and documentation features.

More information about Ireno (in Swedish) here.