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How to change your prototyping as you scale your business

An inspiring and informative digital lecture on rapid prototyping for scaleups.

Monday 21 December

When it comes to rapid prototyping and building proof-of-concepts there are no universal rights and wrongs. Budget, timing, team size and business maturity stage are some of the factors that go into the process of choosing a setup.

Our founder and colleague Pontus Österberg recently held an inspiring and informative digital lecture on one of our favorite topics - rapid prototyping for scaleups. A talk well worth watching for anyone who's building a digital product and business.

Some of the key insights/best practice:

  • Reduce/redefine the problem - What is unique about your product? Which of your assumptions are you most confident in? Invest in and stick to them!
  • Simplify the solution - Choose a platform or device and build for that platform. Avoid user action/login if it isn’t necessary, since user action tends to make things more complex and slow.
  • Cheat! - Learn from others' work and mistakes that have already been made.
  • Insight, not the product - When working with rapid prototyping, the insights will be more valuable than the actual prototype. Dare to throw away and refine.

Watch the 15 min keynote here.

If you have questions about Prototyp’s rapid prototyping methods and experience of coaching and collaborating with startups/scaleups, please don’t hesitate to call our Business Lead, Per Clingweld at +46 72 301 91 91 or email to