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Love (for music) in a box

Wednesday 24 October

What was the idea?

We decided to make a jukebox that controls the Sonos speaker system in the office. You should also be able to choose a friend’s Spotify account and play music from their public playlists. We decided pretty early on that we only needed play, pause and skip buttons to get all the functionality you need from a Jukebox.

How did it turn out?

Great! We built a case from a wooden box we bought, which contains the Raspberry PI, the touchscreen and all the wiring necessary to connect the different components.

We had to remove the spotify interaction, because of limitations in Spotify’s api. Instead we wanted to display the currently playing song and some information about it.

What did we learn?

Overall, the project was a great reminder that you should start small, and verify each sub technology before you start the building process. Another important lesson was that it is really important to take the time necessary to discuss how to implement things with your teammates before making any decisions. Especially when time is scarce, taking the time to think, can be a way to avoid making mistakes.

Trying to choose a protocol instead of a technology makes it a lot easier to connect the different parts, the UI, the backend and the buttons, together. We had more or less no issues when we started connecting the different parts together.