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Prototyp is a leading third-party provider in the development of extended functionality for Contentful CMS, through Contentful apps (previously known as UI extensions) or scripts. We make Contentful even better by improving processes for both users in Contentful ("editors") and developers who manage digital services built using Contentful.

To understand Contentful Extensions

  1. What does Contentful Extensions mean?
  2. How can Prototyp help me with Contentful Extensions?
  3. Which Contentful Extensions do Prototyp develop?
    • Conditional Fields (hosted app)
    • Contentful Migrator Program (open source CLI solution)
    • Contentful db-backup app (CLI solution)
  4. I need support with my Extension
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What does Contentful Extension mean?

A Contentful app, previously known as a Contentful UI-extension, is a plugin used to extend the functionality of the Contentful CMS or simplify integrations with other SaaS services. It is Contentful's equivalent to what WordPress calls a 'plugin'.

A Contentful app can be hosted or used locally. A hosted app can be easily installed with a single click by a logged-in administrator. Such an app is typically maintained and supported by the organization that developed the app.

A local app is an app that is installed separately in an individual Contentful space. Such an app must be developed by oneself or access the open-source code from someone else who developed the app.

Another type of Extension are CLI-solutions (Command Line Interface). They are normally scripts or procedures that can be invoked by a developer on his/her local computer/environment or on the server where a digital service, who is using Contentful, is hosted. These type of Extensions are targeting software development teams rather than users of the Contentful web interface.

Contentful apps can be developed by Contentful's own development organization or by third-party developers, such as Prototyp.

How can Prototyp help me with Contentful Extensions?

Are you working at a SaaS company and want to make it easier to integrate your company's services or functionality into Contentful CMS?

Or are you a devoted fan of Contentful with an idea of how you could make life in Contentful better for yourself and others?

Contact us and we will listen to what's on your mind and see how we can help you!

APP: Conditional Fields - Expand the flexibility of your content types.

Conditional Fields is Prototyp's first "hosted app" that can be installed in Contentful with just one click.

Conditional Fields allows you to set up rules for whether a field in your content type should be hidden or displayed, depending on the value of other fields in the same content type. This enables greater flexibility in how you can use content types with fewer types needed (since content types are often very similar to each other, if not exact) and a better user experience for Contentful editors/administrators.

You can find the app inside Contentful under 'Apps - Marketplace' (if you're logged in), or in the Contentful Marketplace if you're not yet a Contentful user.

The source code is not published as open source.

CLI: Contentful Migrator Programme - Better control of data migration

One of the challenges with Contentful is how content types and data can be moved between different environments for development/testing/production for digital applications. To make it easier for ourselves and other development teams, Prototyp has developed the Contentful Migrator Programme.

Our CLI solution has been developed as open source and is available GitHub.

Currently, the app is NOT available as a hosted app via the Contentful Marketplace.

CLI: Contentful DB-back-upper

We have developed our own CLI-solution to handle the tedious task of backing up our content in Contentful.

More information on how you can benefit from the work we have already done will be available soon.

Support for Prototyps Contentful Extensions

Conditional Fields App:

Contentful Migrator Programme CLI:

Contentful DB-backup CLI: To be announced

We can help you out!

Does your company wonder if Contentful is the right tool for your application? Do you want to use Contentful to reach more users for your SaaS-service? Please contact us so that we can understand how we could help you moving forward.