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BLE heart rate sensor game

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BeatStar is a multiplayer game where the player with the best control of his or her heart rate wins. While playing, the players try to match their heart rate to a “heart rate track” traced by BeatStar. The closer you match the track, the more points you score.

By using an optical heart rate sensor (Polar OH1) and an iOS app, writen in Swift, we track the player’s heart rate in real time. The input from the sensor is continuously sent to a web service, written in Node.js with a Vue.js frontend. Here, each player is able to follow their own and the other player’s heart rate while competing with each other.

This project was a chance for us to experiment with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard together with the Core Bluetooth framework in Swift. To bring it all together we leaned on familiar tech that we feel comfortable with, such as PostgreSQL, Node.js och Vue.js.